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The Custom comfort seats are the seats that are made to fit the needs of every single rider. In this case the customer gives us the old seat, which we alter into a comfort seat after getting the necessary information we need from the customer. Please note that we do not produce the plastic base of the seat but we alter the existing seat by replacing part of the foam with our Ergo foam. The final price depends on the necessary work to be done in each case.

The usual procedure we follow is this: The ideal situation in these cases is that the customer comes to our store with his/her motorcycle in order to see all the details resulting in a better driver’s position (ex. footing, angle of knee etc.). If that is not feasible, then the customer has to contact us in order to give us as much information as possible about the driver’s position and photos if needed. The Custom comfort seats are exclusively made by appointment. The time needed to fulfill such a seat’s work is 2 business days but it could take more days (it depends on the requirements of the customer).

The procedure is performed in two phases. In the first phase (1st day) we prepare the foam and the customer may come to test it (which we recommend).  Testing is good in order to make small adjustments to accomplish the maximum comfort for the rider, as the foam is hand-sculpted and it is more of an art than a science. In the second phase (2nd day) we make the seat cover of the seat by measuring right from the start, as the custom made seat is a unique piece of work.

 At this point we have some suggestions for you depending on the model but we are also open to your ideas, as long as they are applicable. Please note the policies & warranties regarding the subjectivity of comfort.