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The Standard comfort seats are a series of seats which is made of Ergo foam that is exclusively by us. These seats have anatomic design which reassures better weight distribution. For every seat of this series, we have previously done research and testing by riders of different body types, on great distances, so that we can be sure that the final product fulfils the requirements we have set. It is important to note that we do not sell whole seats for all motorcycle models. However, for some of the models we do offer whole seats.


For all the models of this series we undertake the task to alter them into comfort seats by replacing the existing foam with our new one. We keep just the plastic base from the seat we deliver from the customer. There are always samples offered for testing at our store for the Standard series and there are some models offered for testing at dealers stores as well. Apart from that, all seats of the Standard series may be additionally altered if needed, in order to fit the needs of every body type.