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The material which we use for making seat covers is high quality PVC or genuine leather, which fulfill the necessary requirements. These are 100% waterproof, antibacterial and they are categorized into different textures and colors; you may find more information about their properties based on the categories mentioned previously.
However, we need to clarify that the basic textures which we use for the black color (that is the most common) are the code V1 for anti-slip texture and the code F1 as classic plain texture from our FABRICS

Every seat cover order of black color will be prepared with these two materials, so in case you would like another texture you need to notify us when ordering your seat cover.ll seat covers are custom-made as the material combinations are numerous. We design the patterns with extra care, considering even the smallest detail, in order to reassure absolute fit. The seams are waterproof and the logos are embroidered or silk-screen printed to assure long-lastingness.Regarding the design of the seat covers, for most models we offer at least two options. 

The first option (BASIC) is simple and has only got the stitches that are technically needed for the proper fitting of the seat cover. The extra options (DESIGN) are more complicated and their aim is to highlight the character of each motorcycle.

You may find some of these options with prices, however it is always possible to have the seat cover custom-made and make a design exclusively for you as long as it is technically feasible. In this case you need to contact us for further details.



All our products (seat covers & comfort seats) have our company label with our logo on them, to reassure their authenticity.
We apply different types of labels depending on the material as well as the type of the seat cover, for example pyrography on genuine leathers, our logo embroidered using the same color as the cover material for Café racer seat, and on all other comfort seats and covers series we apply our basic label on black background.