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  1. Seat covers for Aprilia Mana 850

    Seat covers for Aprilia Mana 850

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The gel pad is a material that is 10 mm thick and is installed (customized option) as a last layer on the seat foam, in order to achieve better distribution of the rider’s weight. It may be installed on one of the two positions of the seat (rider or passenger) or on both positions.  

The gel pad absorbs the body temperature and as it warms up it softens and liquefies thus “reading” the body type of the rider and obtaining the best possible distribution of weight (per cm²). In order to reach the 100% of its potential it must be used approximately 45’-60’ (the time depends on the outdoor temperature as well).  That is why we mention that it is ideal for long-time use (longer trips), for riders that wish to cover as many kilometers as possible making fewer stops. Another advantage that the gel pad offers is better absorption of vibrations than the foam due to its consistency (as it is more solid). Finally, it is important to note that the gel pad by itself is not enough if the seat doesn’t have the necessary measures and angles (which enhance weight distribution). Please note that the level of improvement might differ depending on the rider..